From Facilitative Mediation to Transformative: A Personal and Service Journey

Guest blogger, Angie Gaspar, runs a comprehensive staff support service for Healthcare professionals in the NHS, UK. Services include time-limited therapy, mediation, responses to traumatic incidents, stress management, group facilitation and bespoke communication training. She has over 30 years experience in healthcare, community social work and development and mental health services in the public and voluntary sectors. She completed a master’s degree in Work-Based Learning and Mediation from Queen’s University, Belfast in more »

5 Year-old Almost Derails Transformative Mediator

Guest blogger, Michelle Zaremba, has been a Transformative Mediator since the beginning of her career in 2000.  Since 2009, she has been the Director of the Dayton Mediation Center.  She has been central in leading the Center’s expansion by increasing the visibility and utilization of Center programs and services. Michelle has extensive experience in conflict management systems design, organizational/team-building, program development, facilitating, and mediation research. She earned a Master of Public Administration from the more »

How Do You Get Them To. . .?

When I spend a day teaching mediators who were originally trained in a Facilitative approach, many questions start with “So how do you get them to. . . ?”  That question reveals that the asker has a different sense of what self-determination means than I do.   That is, I don’t want to get clients to do anything.  I find that clients tend to do certain things with my support, but more »

Positional Bargaining is more a Symptom than a Cause

Defendant’s Lawyer:  ”We’ll reluctantly offer you $5,000.  We’re doing that simply to avoid the costs of ongoing litigation.  We don’t believe your case has merit.” Plaintiff’s Lawyer:  ”We believe our case does have merit, and we believe a jury might award us in excess of $1 million – but because our client would like to end this case and move on, we’ll accept $800,000.” Sound familiar?  These are typical positions more »