ISCT Affiliates:


Affiliate Organizations are organizations that have expressed an interest in developing an institutional relationship with the ISCT. The following organizations have been approved and are the current Affiliate Organizations of the ISCT.


Calvert County Mediation Center, Maryland


Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center, Inc.


Community Mediation Center of St. Mary’s County, Maryland


Community Dispute Resolution Center, New York


Dayton Mediation Center, Ohio


Quadra, Milan and Treviso/Venice, Italy


Stichting Het Transformatieve Model, The Netherlands


Learn more about becoming an Affiliate Organization with the ISCT.


ISCT Affiliates


For some time, organizations around the world have expressed an interest in developing an institutional relationship with the ISCT. These sites are places where Fellows have conducted trainings or workshops, spoken at conferences, and/or have built relationships. Staying in contact with people in these locations can sometimes be difficult because of the challenges associated with geographic distances.


The objective of developing Affiliate Organizations is to create the possibility of a more formal relationship with groups of people in the United States and other countries who want to be recognized as contributing to the transformative framework in their own locales and want to help develop networks in their geographic areas to advance work done within the transformative framework.


Opportunities for Affiliate Organizations would include:

  • Affiliate Organizations can organize and conduct trainings in accordance with the ISCT training policy
  • Affiliate Organizations can host ISCT sponsored symposia or conferences, with the involvement of at least one Fellow from the ISCT
  • Affiliate Organizations can publicize their status as an ISCT Affiliate Organization


Conditions for Establishing an Affiliate Organization:

  1. At least two individuals of the Affiliate Organization who are Certified Transformative Mediators.
  2. Two Fellows of ISCT recommend the Affiliate Organization based on personal experience and knowledge of at least two individuals of the organization.
  3. One ISCT Fellow agrees to be the liaison with the Affiliate Organization. This Fellow will be available for consultation with the members of the Affiliate Organization and will relay information to the management team regarding the Organization’s work and activities.
  4. The ISCT management team approves the Affiliate Organization.



If you are interested in learning more, or would like to apply to be an Affiliate Organization with the ISCT please contact us at