You have the rare opportunity on June 21st to hear a highly sophisticated conversation about mediation in cases where there’s been a history of domestic violence. Jody Miller, founder of “The Domestic Violence and Mediation Safety Project”, Maritza Garcia domestic violence victim advocate,and John Tolliver, mediator ,will discuss the project.  Kristine Paranica will moderate.  Here’s what Kristine says about the webinar:

“Honoring the Victim’s Voice is about recognizing the impact of domestic violence in mediation and finding ways to provide mediation services to victims.  In transformative mediation, our commitment to supporting empowerment and recognition at the table with the parties is tantamount.  However, for victims of domestic violence, there are challenges in exercising free will in ways that affect empowerment; and for abusers, in experiencing recognition in some circumstances.

In this session, we will explore those challenges and offer ideas related to screening for domestic violence and ways to modify the mediation process at various points that can minimize the impact of the dynamics of violent relationships. We will explore a partnership between a domestic violence agency and community mediation center that has helped couples/parents transform their interactions and enhance their decision-making capacity despite a history of domestic violence.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Kristine Paranica is NDSU’s first Ombudsperson.  She served as Director of the Conflict Resolution Center at the University of North Dakota since 1999 and has been providing training and education in transformative mediation, conflict management, and other processes for over 15 years.  She is nationally recognized as a Certified Transformative Mediator™.  Kristine has served as Adjunct Professor of Law in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the UND School of Law since 1999.  She developed online courses in Leadership and Conflict Resolution through the UND Medical School and Mayo Clinic (CLS 508) and has taught that class several years; a course in Conflict Resolution: Basics of Conflict Management through UND’s Continuing Education program; and developed and managed an academic Certificate in Conflict Transformation at UND.  

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