Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook

Resources for Conflict Intervention Practitioners and Programs

Editors: Joseph P. Folger, Robert A. Bauch Bush, and Dorothey J. Della Noce


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Book Reviews by Prominent Mediators:

Arnold Zeman – Read his Review

Arnold Zeman is a transformative mediator with a private practice in family mediation in Ottawa, Ontario. He is an accredited family mediator in the province-wide body, the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. He is also currently serving as the Treasurer of the Ottawa Chapter of the OAFM.
Arnold came to the field of dispute resolution after 33 years in the Canadian federal government as a career public servant having held positions of increasing responsibility in the social policy field. In fact, management of the harassment complaints process in his department towards the end of his government service led Arnold to graduate studies in conflict at Carleton University in 2006. Visit his website.

Other Commentary on the Sourcebook.

“Since 1994 when the first edition of The Promise of Mediation was published, transformative mediation has been practiced, studied, and assessed. In this volume, the editors have brought together an impressive collection of authors and articles that clearly articulate transformative mediation theory and practice in a variety of settings in a way that celebrates its evolution. As has been their trademark, the editors have taken complex ideas and written about them clearly and simply. Whether one is a mediator, a program administrator or an attorney, this volume elucidates and inspires.”

Sharon Press, Director Dispute Resolution Institute, and Associate Professor of Law, Hamline University School of Law

“This book is a brilliant meeting point of theory and practice in the transformative approach. It is a great resource for those already following this framework, and an inspiration for those just becoming interested in conflict transformation. I especially recommend it to all involved in peace building practice, as it clarifies and defines an approach to working with conflict that articulates assumptions and values, and then makes clear links between values and practices. This approach is truly transformative, both for parties in conflict and for third parties. The relational worldview, which is the basis for transformative practice, brings the focus back to human interaction, and helps us understand that our primary work with conflict needs to be focused on people and their relationships.”

Vesna Matovic, Manager of Training and Learning, Peacebuilding Issues Program, International Alert

“In a world of tweets and social networking, the two basic premises of transformative mediation make the 21st century understandable: We are always in relation to each other, and conflict changes how we relate. While conflict makes disputants feel they need someone else to solve their problems, every mediator knows the unique characteristic of mediation is self-determination. The contributors to this volume show how transformative practitioners help disputants exercise self-determination, develop the confidence to create their own solutions, and heighten their understanding of others. If you believe that confident and understanding people can resolve their own disputes in ways superior to an outsider, then buy this book! It will transform your practice.”

Herman Bingham, Mediator, Trainer, and Mediator Coach, Chicago, Illinois

“If you want to see concrete evidence and examples of how the transformative approach really works in practice, in many different contexts, you will find this an excellent book. I’ve seen the evidence myself, in my management and practical use of this work within a large institution, as well as my restorative justice practice. The Sourcebook contains chapters taht show transformative practice at work in both of these areanas, as well as many others. It’s an invaluable resource!”

Roane Akchurin, Manager, Community Housing Office, University of California at Santa Barbara

“Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook is a signal achievement. The twenty two chapters of this book provide the most comprehensive discussion and analysis of the experience with the transformative mediation model since the publication of The Promise of Mediation in 1994. Many of the key actors in the dynamic field of conflict transformation have weighed in with pieces that are theoretically rich and practically insightful. This is an essential volume of all those interested in the development of mediation during the twenty first century.”

James J. Alfini, J.D. – Professor of Law and Dean emeritus, South Texas College of Law, Former Chair, American Bar association Dispute Resolution Section.

“This is the richest, most engaging, and comprehensive resource that is available about the theory and practice of transformative mediation. The essays in the Sourcebook involve searching reflection, a systemic commitment to examining theoretical assumptions and connecting them to practice, and an exemplary intellectual humility about what we know and don’t know about resolving conflicts among human beings. It superbly models what any discussion of mediation theory and practice should involve. The Sourcebook is essential reading to anyone interested in mediation.”
Joseph B. Stulberg, J.D. Ph.D. John W. Bricker professor of Law, the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Former Vice President, American Arbitration Association