Welcome to the Virtual Institute

The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation is pleased to offer an online resource to develop, deepen, and enhance your transformative work with fellow practitioners from around the world.

About Us

The ISCT’s Virtual Institute is a place to build and deepen connections amongst transformative practitioners and those interested in transformative processes – mediation, dialogue, coaching, and more – in a virtual environment.  Using video conferencing, participants from around the world have access to high quality webinars, study groups, events, gatherings, and resources to support their growth in transformative practice.

The ISCT created the Virtual Institute to:

  • Enhance accessibility to learning and practice development for practitioners around the world.
  • Deepen and build connections amongst transformative practitioners and those interested in transformative processes.
  • Support the growth of high quality transformative practice.

The VI was created for:

  • Experienced transformative mediators, trainers, and practitioners.
  • Those new to transformative practice.
  • Those who are curious about the approach and want to learn more.


The Making of a Transformative Mediator:
Building Human Capacity and Connection,
A video series based webinar with Tom Wahlrab and Baruch Bush

August 8th at 12 pm EST,  a 90 minute webinar

In this new and unique video series, Baruch Bush co-author of The Promise of Mediation, invites Tom Wahlrab, former Director of the Dayton (Ohio) Mediation Center, to share stories about his life and work. Baruch responds to these stories, and together they explore how the transformative framework has shaped their beliefs and their practices of supporting themselves and others when experiencing conflict.  Participants are asked to watch the first 5 episodes in the series prior to the webinar. Find the series here: Series Intro and sign up for the webinar here: http://www.transformativemediation.org/products.php


Coming up this Fall:

Responding Effectively to Conflict,

A 3 part series with ISCT Fellow, Janet Mueller

Talking about Race:
Transformative Model facilitation of conversations about race and racism in the U.S.

A webinar with Elvinet Piard and Carol Bloom

The Making of a Transformative Mediator:
Building Human Capacity and Connection,

A video series based webinar with Tom Wahlrab and Baruch Bush

Perfect Fit: Mindmapping and the Transformative Model
applications in mediation, facilitation and coaching,

with  Kees van Eijk and Carol Bloom

Founders Series;

1. The Mediation Field and How the Transformative Model Shines:
The State of Transformative Mediation Today, Nationally and Globally

with Joe Folger

2. What Makes the TM Model so Unique?
Foundations of Transformative Mediation

with Baruch Bush

3. Beyond Mediation: Broad and Diverse Applications of the Transformative Model

with a panel


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