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Memoir of a Misfit Mediator, A Novel by Joseph Folger (paperback)

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Memoir of a Misfit Mediator, A Novel by Joseph P. Folger Why would the keynote speaker at a national mediation conference need a full-time security guard? Kent Foxe, an aspiring mediator and executive coach, finds out why when he turns to his mentor, Adam Maurie, for professional advice. Maurie believes mediators must have “a human soul that is comfortable being with difficult, emotional conflict.” That requirement, Kent soon realizes, is highly controversial. After unsuccessfully mediating a violent gang dispute, Kent develops grave doubts about his abilities. His search for his professional soul haunts him as he deals with challenging conflicts, and several profound events put him at a critical crossroads personally and professionally. Does he dare make the changes that will surely cast him as an unwelcome misfit in his own profession? Can he defend his unpopular beliefs about what good practice is? And will he refuse the support of misguided stakeholders? Memoir of a Misfit Mediator by Joe Folger raises the critical issues anyone must face if they intervene in the lives of others.

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